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A live-play D&D podcast where 6 friends sit around a table, drink, and tell a story of magic, mayhem, and mystery. Together they weave the tale of a crew of misfits seeking answers, thrills, and revenge. Sometime it's epic, sometimes it's silly, but it's always an adventure.

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Going for Gold

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With the first side quest all wrapped up, it's time to dive back into our main story. We pick up where we left off, after entering a secret passage into a room filled with blue light in the heart of Udun.

I took some extra time on the final pass on these next few chapters to try to smooth out some of the more jarring cuts in the audio. I think it makes it sound maybe 5% better, but I did it anyway. But that also means that I'm still doing post-production on the chapters I've finished editing. I cannot wait to tell you that I'm all caught up and can have something else to talk to you about. Alas, today is not that day. BUT IT'S GETTING REAL EFFING CLOSE. 

I hope you enjoyed the side quest, and I'm excited to get this show back on the road.