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A live-play D&D podcast where 6 friends sit around a table, drink, and tell a story of magic, mayhem, and mystery. Together they weave the tale of a crew of misfits seeking answers, thrills, and revenge. Sometime it's epic, sometimes it's silly, but it's always an adventure.

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Bizarre Bazaar

Chapter 8, Part 2 is now available here on our website, via rss, on iTunes, and Stitcher!

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On their journey our friends come to a new little township, and are thusly provided with the opportunity to procure new objects. Yup. It's a shopping episode. I hope that it's silly enough to keep you entertained through the haggling with new strangers. And if not, well, we won't be shopping again for a while, so take solace in that. 

Also, this happens...



Okay, so I'm going to level with you. Something we haven't talked about is the timeline of Playing/recording vs. Releasing. We started this game back at the end of November 2016. We didn't release the podcast until the beginning of March. Chapter 8 was recorded back in February, before the Podcast was even up and running. We just finished playing our 12th session, which, since most sessions make 3 episodes, means we're currently looking at a 3 month delay. You're probably wondering, "Why?". Because I want our podcast to sound better than just hitting record. I put time into editing out long gaps of looking up rules, side conversations about food and booze, and other just nonsensical garbage. I also clean up the audio- 6 mics next to each other sound pretty echoey and terrible due to picking up each other's sound. I take the time because I want it to sound good. Also. by breaking up the sessions into parts, we can provide a constant stream of content. Our game just took a month and a half break due to vacations and scheduling conflicts but you'd never know because we'll be delivering every Monday without interruption. My goal is to get through editing the backlog of sessions, and be able to release bonus episodes til we get to about the 2 month delay mark. That way, should another one of these long breaks happen we will have a cushion to absorb that missing time, and then if we have an excess of content, we're not sitting on it and hoarding it, but we can share it with you, our loyal listener. Anyway, that's the ideal situation, but we'll see how long it takes to get there. I've got to get more efficient at editing first if I wanna get my way through the mountain of audio bearing down on me to catch up to where we are now.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. You are great. 

Talk to you next Monday.