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A live-play D&D podcast where 6 friends sit around a table, drink, and tell a story of magic, mayhem, and mystery. Together they weave the tale of a crew of misfits seeking answers, thrills, and revenge. Sometime it's epic, sometimes it's silly, but it's always an adventure.

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Gina's Christmas Gifts

Gina's Christmas Gifts

Gina De Vivo


Gina is an RPG veteran, currently playing characters in 4 different RPG adventures, including Geek & Sundry's VAST. She probably started role-playing when she first realized she didn't have super powers and thus sought to remedy it with her imagination.

Gina is a Los Angeles based actor. You can catch her on Netflix if you watch old episodes of Scrubs or Mad Men, because she's an actual actress. Not like Trevor, who is a sellout. You can find her on twitter and twitch @pocketgina.

Why she loves D&D?

"It's my one excuse to hang out with Trevor. He's so dreamy, and totally didn't write this." 

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