Plunders & Blunders

Misadventures Every Monday!

A live-play D&D podcast where 6 friends sit around a table, drink, and tell a story of magic, mayhem, and mystery. Together they weave the tale of a crew of misfits seeking answers, thrills, and revenge. Sometime it's epic, sometimes it's silly, but it's always an adventure.

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Adam in his natural habitat

Adam in his natural habitat

Adam Stern-Rand
Tcheck Jivave

Adam has been gaming since he was a small child with a gameboy color, pokemon red, and a dream of being the very best like no one ever was. In college, he and a bunch of other goons played a quality Pathfinder campaign. Plunders and Blunders marks his 5th edition debut! When he isn’t playing D&D, he can be found acting, tap dancing, making smoothies, or being lazy with Alexa and the puppy.

Why he loves D&D?

"Where else would I get to portray a ventriloquist bird man?" 

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